Business Coaches and Speakers 5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Grow Your Business

5 Ways a VA Can Help You

Being a Business Coach is a full-time job without the extras of running the “office” side of things.  There’s a lot of administrative research, event management, blog creation, customer service, document preparation, presentation preparation, webinar management, networking, prospecting and email communications.  The list goes on, which can have you working very long days.

Working with a Virtual Assistant that’s “got your back”, can relieve you of those projects that you don’t need to be doing yourself.  It’s no secret that many coaches tend to be control-freaks and this can be a good quality.  However, you CAN learn to delegate without sacrificing your high standards.  Enlisting the support of a virtual assistant will actually ensure your standards are maintained while you work on what makes you joyful.  We are learning that, when you're working in joy, abundance flows naturally.  

You can outsource tasks that are always on your project list but never seem to get done.  Or, they get done, but at midnight with your eyes half closed.  Pass those items to your virtual assistant and get the important rest you need so you can have the energy and presence to really be with your clients, friends and family.  

I’m sure you know that a virtual assistant can help with many projects.  Here are a few reminders: 

1) Social Media Management

You know it’s important to have a social media presence, but staying on top of it is incredibly time consuming.  Gathering relevant news to share, responding to messages and posting your own business news are the first to go when your schedule is over booked.  Social media is a great way to reach a lot of people outside of your immediate tribe.  It can show you have authority in your subject area and it helps you get ‘found’ in searches, which result in new clients and speaking gigs.  Hand your social media management over to your virtual assistant.  We can be as hands-on as you’re comfortable with and you’ll take comfort in knowing this important piece is getting done regularly.  Isn’t that a relief?!

2) Website Management

Adding fresh content on your website keeps it interesting and higher up with the search engines.  Whether that’s a new blog article, an upcoming event, a new service or a great testimonial, your virtual assistant can take these administrative tasks off your plate.  Also, there’s the little updates needed here and there such as rate changes, service changes, image uploads and the like.  What about those WordPress updates (assuming you have a WordPress website) and those pesky plugin updates.  Not updating your site could cause serious issues that result in page errors.  Your website is one of your most used sales tools.  It needs to be in tip-top shape.  Outsource this to your virtual assistant and feel confident when you give out your URL.  This gives you back more time to connect through client calls and fostering business growth ideas.

3) Content Research & Creation

When was the last time you blogged?  How regularly do you blog?  By the time you get a chance to even look at a new article, is it past 10 PM on a Friday?  You can ask your virtual assistant to research and gather information so all you have to do is write the blog.  Or, your virtual assistant can write the article for you while you make the final touches and approve the post.  Your virtual assistant can ghost write the article for you, beef up one you’ve already outlined, or you can hand it all over to her – research, creation and publishing – with or without any input from you.  Having a content rich blog is a great way to connect with your people, build your list of prospects, improve your site’s SEO, have content to share on social media as well as be seen as an authority in your field.  Make it a vlog instead!  Get in-front of the camera and record your thoughts.  Whatever you decide, your virtual assistant can help make sure the content is found, created, produced and published – another item checked off your list.  Woot. . . Now we're cookin'!

4) Speaking Events

Do you already have events lined up or are you looking to explore event options to expand your business?  Your virtual assistant can help: 

  • Promote your event through social media, your list and your website.
  • Research appropriate options within your specialized field.
  • Communicate with event organizers and gather key information.
  • Prepare pitch proposals and schedule follow-ups.
  • Be the liaison with the venue for timing, presentation formats, attendance numbers, content and preferred style.
  • Help collate information for your presentation and carry out any necessary formatting.

5) Webinars

Are you thinking of running a webinar or starting a podcast? We can gather relevant information to help you decide on the best strategy.  We can prepare marketing materials, help with PR and much more.  This allows you time to concentrate on the idea or the presentation itself – which is where your focus should be.  You’ll find that your presentations will greatly improve by allowing your virtual assistant to handle the administrative tasks.

What else can a virtual assistant help you with?

  • Building and growing your list
  • On-boarding clients
  • Newsletter management
  • Email campaigns
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Creating and utilizing templates and processes
  • Bookkeeping
  • Travel management
  • Invoicing and payment follow ups
  • Dealing with difficult clients

Come on business coaches. . . isn’t it time you hired a virtual assistant?!  Schedule a needs-assessment call with me to see how I can help bring your projects to completion and move your business forward.