Monthly Packages

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This package is for the high-level coach whose busy coaching their tribe!  You need quality services and don’t want to think about the back-office tasks.  You just want it running smoothly saving precious time and money! You need an online professional to handle things you don’t need or want to do so you can concentrate on what you love as well as spend precious time with family and friends.  This package is for 40 hours of service per month.  


This package is perfect for someone who is invested in their business and is ready to take it to the next level.  You are ready to spend time on your business and stop doing the things that an online business professional can do for you.  I can add to your bottom line by taking day to day tasks off your plate and save you time and money.  This package is for 30 hours of service per month.  It is time to grow your business and focus on what you love doing.


This package is perfect for someone who is new to outsourcing.  You're overwhelmed but not sure what you need help with or how to delegate.  You're becoming stressed and find yourself not wanting to do the little things, you would rather do what you're good at and feel passionate about.  I can help you decide what to delegate to make your life more enjoyable so you can spend time on the projects you do well. This package is for 20 hours of service per month.

How to Work With Me

Let’s schedule a needs assessment call to discuss your needs.  Go to my scheduler.

  1. After you book your consultation call, I will send you a questionnaire so I can get an idea of where you are in your business, your goals and what you need help with. 
  2. During the call, we can get acquainted and see if we are a good fit to work together.  I can answer any questions you may have about how I work as well as my background. 
  3. After our call, based on your needs, I'll advise which package is right for you and send you an agreement.
  4. We execute a simple agreement, which includes a non-disclosure agreement to protect us both.
  5. We schedule our first meeting to prioritize tasks and make a plan. 
  6. Communicate as regularly as you'd like for updates and feedback. A minimum of once per week works best. 

We will be on the road to getting you the help you need so you can grow your business, step out of the busy work and into your brilliance.  I will be doing what I’m good at and saving you time and money!

Click the button to schedule a needs-assessment call to see how I can help bring your projects to completion and move your business forward. 

Click the button to schedule a needs-assessment call to see how I can help bring your projects to completion and move your business forward. 


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"Beth has worked with the Austin Police Department, North Central Area of Command District Representatives, Austin Police Department's Police Chief's Forum and as a neighborhood liaison.  She is thorough, flexible and friendly and is willing to do whatever it takes to meet and exceed group goals.  Beth can complete any job she is presented with and do it in a timely and professional manner."  

--Dale Cooper, Austin Police Department


Invest in Results

You pay only for the results you need. We supply our own office, equipment, software, training and expertise. You'll have a partner who helps improve your growing business without sharing your profits .


Determining Your Needs

If you’re uncertain how much time you may need, we can determine an initial estimate by: 

  • Creating a list of what you need help with and determining how much time per month or week on average the projects will take to complete.

  • Looking at your monthly budget as well as a list of projects to delegate and determine how much of that list can be completed within your budget. The goal is all of it!  We will prioritize to make sure important tasks are done first.