2 Critical Newsletter Management Tips

You've probably heard often about the importance of publishing a high quality newsletter. Your newsletter connects you with those interested in your products or services. It allows you to build long-term relationships and increase conversions. How do you managing your newsletter well? What makes readers love certain newsletters and routinely ignore others?  Below are a 2 simple tips for creating newsletters that get opened and read. 

The 90-10 Rule

90% of your newsletters should be content and 10% sales.  If you bombard your newsletter with offers, those on your list will either unsubscribe or just not read your mail.  On the other hand, if they know they can expect high quality content, they'll consistently open your emails.

There are a couple of ways to adhere to the 90-10 rule.

Method #1:  Send high quality content with a brief offer at the bottom of each or every other email. This works well for many markets.

Method #2:  Send high quality content consistently with no sales pitch. This builds credibility. Then, occasionally, every couple months or so, do a hardcore marketing push.  Because you've built credibility, your subscribers will open and read your emails. They'll not only read your salesy emails, but they won't be put off, as they know you don't make it a habit to pitch to them.

The Importance of Consistency

Give your subscribers the chance to get used to your mailing schedule. Pick a frequency and don't deviate from it.  People often ask "How often should I mail my list?" The answer is: As often as you want, just be consistent.

Some email monthly.  Subscribers know to expect their emails each month. For example, in the financial sector, many analysts publish newsletters with market predictions once a month. They're very successful, because readers know what to expect.  Some newsletters are sent daily such as daily horoscopes that do very well.  Subscribers know to expect their daily note. They open their horoscope every morning, like clockwork.

Adhering to these simple rules gives your newsletters a higher open rate and your subscribers will enjoy them. Inform your readers how often to expect your communications, stick to your schedule, have at least 90% content and keep your content quality top notch.

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