When and What to Delegate

When to Delegate

Delegating is not giving up control.  It just means you value your time and want to use it in the most productive way.  If you work on your own, there's only a limited amount that you can do no matter how hard you work. You can only work so many hours in a day and there are only so many tasks you can complete within these hours. Ultimately, there are only so many people you can help by doing these tasks. Because the number of people you can help is limited, your success is limited.  We typically avoid delegating because it takes a fair amount of up-front effort.  However, that initial effort gets paid back to you over and over again. By delegating effectively, you can greatly expand the results that you deliver with less stress and more time. 

When you've made the decision to delegate, start by specifying the outcome you desire.  Keep up to date with progress and focus on results rather than procedures. You should hire out when:  

  • You feel overwhelmed for an extended period of time.
  • You don't or can't do everything that needs to get done within a reasonable period of time.
  • You're working long hours to complete projects.
  • Important tasks get pushed aside such as customer service or responding to email.
  • You're paralyzed by your to do's.
  • There are tasks you dread doing or take too long to compete.
  • You'd like someone to organize and keep your team informed.
  • You're behind on invoicing and bookkeeping. 

  • You're making little mistakes like spelling and grammar errors.

  • You find yourself not having time for family and friends.

  • You spend hours trying to figure out how to do a single task.  Here’s a test you can use to determine if you should learn a skill or outsource it:

    • Will you have to do this task repeatedly? If so, it pays to learn it. If not, outsource it.

    • Do you want to learn how to do the task just because you love to learn (and have the time)? If so, go for it. If not, outsource it.

Consider hiring an assistant to handle those tasks and projects you've been doing without, you don't like to do or you struggle with for too long. You can still handle things you enjoy doing and have a support system in place for things that cause you stress or take up too much of your time.  You can have a partner who helps improve and grow your business without sharing your profits. 

What to Delegate

  • Every day for a week, list all business related tasks that you do.  Don't leave anything out.  This will take extra time, but it's very revealing. 
  • Highlight everything, from that list, that doesn't need to be done specifically by you. These will be things that:
    • You don't like to do or don't do well
    • Are too difficult to manage and cause you to procrastinate
    • Are too time consuming
    • Repetitive administrative tasks (calendar management, meeting setups, email management or creating and using templates)
  • These tasks are candidates for what you can delegate.
  • Choose the three top priorities out of those tasks to start with.
  • As your tasks and projects get completed in a timely manner and your business moves forward to that next level, you will gain momentum and confidence in delegating. It get's easier and easier to pass along projects and enjoy the benefits of their completion.  


  • Make a list of important projects that need to get done.  
  • Which are those you don't know how to do or that you've been procrastinating on?  This is typically your wish list.  
  • What are the big ideas or projects that you keep putting of that you know your business will benefit from if they get set up or completed?
  • Which items are too difficult or are taking too much of your time.
  • Look at repetitive administrative or customer service tasks.
  • Choose the top three priorities.
  • Delegate these to tasks to me.  

Every moment you spend doing assistant work, is time you're not engaged in revenue producing activities.  I want to see your business succeed almost as much as you do.  I can help get clear on what you need help with, help identify your goals as well as create a plan of action to reach them.  Hiring an assistant helps you to reach your goals more quickly, take your business to the next level or have some free time.  

Schedule a needs-assessment call to see how I can help bring your projects to completion and move your business forward.



Click the button to schedule a call to talk about how I can help bring your projects to completion and move your business forward.

Click the button to schedule a call to talk about how I can help bring your projects to completion and move your business forward.

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--Tom Coburn, Gracy Woods Neighborhood Association