Coach and Speaker Support

(If you don't see something here that you need help with, contact me, I can most likely do it.)

Obtain Clients

I can communicate with past clients, request referrals from current clients, follow up with previously interested people that haven't purchased yet, review sales funnels to close more sales, and add special bonuses to get prospects to act sooner.  

On-board Clients

I can integrate a new client kit or use your existing for smooth on-boarding of new clients, including welcome letters and videos, intake forms, coaching agreements and other ways to let your new clients know they made a good decision by purchasing your coaching.  

Follow up with Payments

I can recapture lost funds with past due letters, payment agreements, expired credit card letters, insufficient fund letters. Keeping up with follow ups is often all it takes.  

Deal with Problem Clients

Occasionally coaching is messy.  I can do the dirty work by helping communicate clear client boundaries, firing clients, turning down clients that aren't a good fit and recovering clients that may have cancelled.

Produce and Sell Products 

I can help package together digital products to be sold as passive and recurring income so you don't have to always trade dollars for hours.  When "life happens" and you can't work, your income doesn't have to come to a complete halt.  We can help get your products in front of those that want them. 

Group Coaching

As you may know, group coaching helps leverage your income.  I can help set up your group coaching calls, plan agendas, email guests, handle the technical tasks, backup recordings, manage chats during calls, create handouts and manage guest speakers. 

Build and Grow Your List

Surely you've heard, "The money is in the list."  I can organize this important piece so you don't have to think about it.  I can continue to grow your list in numbers and responsiveness, create opt in give-a-ways or ethical "bribes" often by re-purposing existing materials, create stunning opt in pages, regularly post to social media, your blog and partner sites attracting your audience to join your list.  Also, regularly connect with your list by writing and scheduling promos, mailings and autoresponders.  

Social Media

I can set up or beef up your various accounts, make sure you have rockin' profiles, create and schedule posts, monitor comments and respond...reputation management.

Workshops & Webinars

Content editing, recording, uploading and transcribing, create additional checklists and exercises to go with the training, launch emails and webinars, book guests, handle membership area, manage shopping cart and get people in actual or virtual seats. 

Blog Management

Your blog is your home turf.  I can help re-purpose content from popular social media posts, YouTube, well received mailings, monitor comments and respond, promote posts as well as podcast launch and management.  

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