Your Email List - Center of Your Content Marketing

You know content is king, but how do you maximize your content marketing efforts? A few suggestions:

  • Focus on building a list of your ideal customers or clients and you'll have a valuable asset to tap into over and over again.
  • Responsiveness of your list is more important than how many emails you have.  Focus on conversion strategies over building volume.
  • You don't have to do all the work. Employ guest writers, ghostwriters and private label content.
  • When you work hard just to work hard, you're not doing yourself any favors. Spend less time working and more time strategizing. 

Put Your Focus on Building a List

Social media, blogging and other modern ways of marketing are fantastic ways to build your community, but it’s key to capture their attention and point them to your freebie and list sign up form landing page.  Facebook and other platforms can change their rules at any time.  Your list will be an asset that you own and have control over. 

Your Relationship to Your List

Of course, just having a list isn't enough. You've got to maximize that asset.  Now that you have a good start on a list, what are you going to do with it? Building and maintaining a relationship with your readers is important or your subscribers will go somewhere else or ignore your emails.  Give them quality content and they will trust that your emails are worthy of opening. They'll come back over and over, knowing that you’ll deliver AWESOME products and content.

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Hire or Collaborate With Others

Keep in regular contact, but don't knock yourself out when you don't have something to share. You want your readers to remember you for quality and readily open your email, so email them when you have something interesting and useful to tell or sell.  But don't let your list go cold.  Hire others to do your writing or purchase PLR and edit it to your style.  

Plan Your Content

Many online business owners feel that they need to blog X times per week or they have to write X articles per day.  This is a dangerous trap.  Focus on RESULTS over SCHEDULING tasks.  Your key to success is knowing where to spend your time for maximum results.  

Speak directly to your audience. Get to know your readers and what they’re looking for. Understand their hopes, dreams and their pains, so you can deliver what they want. Write to them as if you're writing a letter to a dear friend who needs your help.  Be sincere. Be real.  Remember, your readers are individuals.  Don’t think of blasting an email, consider communicating with your reader.  Create an avatar that is your ideal client.  Give him or her a name.  Every time you communicate with your readers, have the mindset that you're sending a message to that individual.

Give information and regular and relevant offers.  Be informative.  Create a product that the market wants.  Communicate with your audience.  Let them help you co-create your products.  Get feedback.  Delivering value first is the new way to do business.  Build it into your business DNA. It will become part of everything you do.  The products you sell and recommend should enhance your reader’s lives, help them achieve their goals or solve their problems.

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